So far, our vendors and drivers in Wynberg have successfully collaborated to create a smooth-running driver network – and more areas are beginning to follow suit.

Need help getting started?

Since the very beginning, Pekkish placed empowering local entrepreneurs at the core of the business.

As the orders roll in, and your business continues to grow, we think it’s pretty awesome that another group of hardworking people get to benefit from this too: the drivers who deliver your orders to your customers every day.

Here’s how you can help create jobs and contribute to the livelihood of your drivers: 

With our dedicated delivery app that’s part and parcel of the Pekkish suite of software tools, you are able to pick a driver, track them along the way, and enjoy a convenient messaging feature. 

When you share a driver network with vendors in your area, they’re able to deliver more food to more customers by setting more efficient routes, as well as earn greater profits.