The PekkishPOS solution allows your business to improve efficiency and streamline operations, through effective order management all in one platform, from anywhere.

Yes, when you receive an order via your online store, a new sale is automatically generated in your PekkishPOS

Signing up as a vendor:

1) Complete the online entry form with your business information, accept the terms and conditiions, upload your business menu and confirm your debit order details.

2) A store will be generated afterwhich you’ll receive your login details and a call to receive training on how to manage the Pekkish platform.

3) After training has been completed, you’ll be able to go live and start using Pekkish / Pekkish POS

As a Pekkish vendor, you will enjoy increased brand exposure via our app and marketing channels, as well as all the info you need to track, grow and analyse your business’ performance.

Pekkish has a built-in manager that gives you full control over how orders are executed whether your store offers collection or delivery.

As the vendor, you can choose to set/apply a minimum order value or not.

Having full access to your store at all times allows you to turn your store on and off regardless of your usual trading times.

At Pekkish, we have a no-mark-up policy. Price transparency is important to us, which is why all prices and delivery charges are visible to the vendor. For online payments, however, a service fee will apply.

Simply go to the item in question, and switch it off to make it unavailable. When the item becomes available, you can switch it back on.

If the payment has taken place outside of the Pekkish app or website, the cancellation of the order is managed between the customer and the vendor. If payment is done within the app, a cancellation fee applies. However, a refund can always be issued at the vendor’s discretion.

Costing per store, per month:

Pekkish App / Online Store: R169

PekkishPOS Software Only: R399

PekkishPOS + Tablet: R599

PekkishPOS + POS Hardware: R999

There is a transactional fee for each online payment your customers make within the app and on the website. You may also choose not to accept or offer online payments within the app.

Our partner agreements are open-ended and do not carry a contract period. If either party wishes to terminate the partnership for any reason, a written notice of one (1) calendar month needs to be provided.

Cash, Card, EFT, and Online payments.

You’re able to amend or delete menu items by logging into your store and clicking on the item in question and applying the required action.

Pekkish App Online Store / PekkishPOS is a simple way to track, manage, organize and optimise your existing business structure.

There are various packages to choose from regardless of your business needs and requirements.

You’re able to have more than one store, each with different packages yet linked to the same brand. This enables you to oversee all stores’ reports and progress with one login.